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Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Game Idea with suggested name “High Time” for software application

New Game Idea with suggested name “High Time” for software application
Source of thought: Zodiac Signs are 13 instead of 12 as per scientist.
Reality game that investigates reported and verified events and private events or accidents or calamities from point of view of astrology, other ancient science described in ancient texts and modern day scientific methods with preset questioner and option to add more question and tips from outside and inside with comment having feature to disclose or not to disclose information to public or member and keep  and save the records or collected information.
Game Type: Game based on Real events including crime and death of human, animal, trees plants, fishes or any other specifies reported in new and investigation thereof with a reward or sponsored gifts offered to the one who complete and win the game. Participants can be individual or group as agent, consultant, judge etc...
Nature of investigation: Based of preset questioner including ancient texts like astrology, construction, boundaries and  modern scientific methods of finding all relations ships associated with real events and accidents or calamities or crimes covering the nature as whole.
A Must need for development of this game: Male and female from all Zodiac signs and all blood groups.

Eg: Prototype story of the game.

24/09/2016: Went for morning walk, reached home, seen a crow crying with a feather, one crow took one of the feather and flew to the direction of north, incident likely took place in early morning, feather colour is black, 1 person came early morning at home auto, heard sound of auto, neighbour bike sound, two father put in sea on a scissors pack, seen a neighbour walk opposite, heard sound  east where his sister live, walked towards west his mum, one of relative like in north direction where crow flied. a little girl with black T-shirt was there in the home where bike sound heard and women fell down day before. Seen red ants, cat, dog, white butterfly and bee. Seen a person who has spinalcode disk complaint twice who live in the direction where crow flew after showing him crow took food,  his father had committed suicide by hanging himself his name start with letter V and His father name with letter A. Someone whose Birth Place has letter C or K need to observe any of the being know more about it especially both men and women with names in A and V need to observe from another Zodiac sign as seen two crows, two plants of same leaves, a crow triggered another crow. Fish seen scrubs with eggs and sprats, it must be from twin signs in zodiac representation. Tip:  someone, place name or organisation with repeating letters like pp, tt, oo, or combination like cp etc.. as referred letters in these zodiac sign or names with letters think of suicide or might be subject to be planned to destruction when colours seen are same for feather and bird who took the feather it must be from within community or internal. Hence case closed.