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Monday, October 31, 2016

Timeless Spaceless Fields and Movements:

Timeless Spaceless Fields and Movements:
When two magnets are placed one over other  and  law of attraction or repulsion is applied belongs to present time,
What moves from north to south through the magnets ie the south side of magnets is future time and the north side of magnets is past time when interacted by various frequencies of lights and information are extracted.

search formula | new search formula for search engine 360° search formula; n ^2 = ∑_1 to ((n-1))+ ∑_1 to (n)

search formula | New search engine 360°  formula; n ^2 =  ∑1 to ((n-1))+  ∑1 to (n)

Any internet search application has the two parts one is preferred words display and sorted

word display.

Following is the maths for the search 360°  formula that display the other part of search.

3^2 = 9 or successive suAm (1 to 3 ie. 1+2+3=6)  + successive sum (1 to 2 ie 1+2=3).
4^2 = 16 or successive sum (1 to 3 ie. 1+2+3+4=10)  + successive sum (1 to 2 ie 1+2+3=6)

In general sense n^2 = successive sum for 1 to n + successive sum for (1 to n-1)
ie  two triangles or sets of triangles

Search 360 n^2  

n squared = cumulation value 1 to n-1 + cumulation 1 to n

Sent / Received Difference in networking and internet application

Sent / Received Difference in networking and internet application

Following simple operation of addition using calculator in different operating systems in computer, mobile phones etc will give the reason for these difference send and receive data differences in networking and other communication devices:
1.577+1.433 = 3.01
2.677 +1.333 = 4.01
This result help to substitute a many different values to keep the result same for any addition involved functions in assembly and programming languages. In simple sense a security threat for any kind of character set where ever a base functions like addition, repetitive addition etc.. involved in any kind of application using such a device.  
Do this kind of maths manfully without using calculators in operating systems to see a different answer. Irrespective of the explanation for the result following can be a threat to traced to hard wares, asselmbly language, base calculator, operating systems, and software applications.