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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Politics of knowledge, species in land, fresh water, mountain and towers:

Politics of knowledge, species in land, fresh water, mountain and towers:

If one refer to the ancient texts and read description and capabilities the symbols of animals, plants, fishes, birds etc..  find their powers  may be greater than many stones when focus given it become a group to remain to rule over territory.

However when any of these used without corresponding plants and trees in their family in a given local area and the associated women remain absent in the territory then possibility to remain in power is difficult especially when some animals of other beings get poisons in absence of them. When an animal target woman and species look at the problems, diseases associated with those women and species in a nature related ruling and power and protecting over human consumption when animals are allowed.

When the difference in ‘isms” are discriminate use of other being, using the opposing family as set in protection will always take over the power. If one person in politics has interest in articles of abundance nature giving distributing such type free may take them out of power.

Planting trees and plants are not solution for any problem unless one lean how to grow it, touching its top in ground and plug the fruits without climbing for long time using natural solutions from plants that has the nature of rope is important. May be an attempt to grow some trees those has log life pointing towards the mountain growing it touching its top on ground  is enough to change the landscape and move a mountain to a distance.

Mountains blocked and grown by constructing small dams to big dams by the name plantation, If some rocks in Indian ocean is changed by the knowledgeable woman who has the correct knowledge may be you will see the true form of earth and what consider as milky war far away light years may be manageable distance and hidden life within earth, in and around the solar system may become even visible. There is no use of compelling, informing , thinking it might be someone known or unknown and their consciousness has to evolve naturally based on the changes in zodiac signs in these hide and seek game of natures deliberate secrets.

 Key designated people from all area of life may show interest in visiting known place and other beings and species associated with the letters of their names.

There are human made constructions like Chinese wall but smallest in open forest or free land that stop the layer movements,  smallest wall that stop the layer movements of earth other than dams hence time to reduce the heights of all dams.

There is no use to hunt and fight against any particular tree or animal in the name of addiction or relation; there were trees that produce alcohol is even written in old text.

There are different life style can be seen in SRY gene like xy, xyx, one female companion, more than one female are reported. Natural life  other than 1 female for 1 male,e unmarried or divorced, being single and renounced hence all these life forms may be associated, there not many births reported where one boy and girl bone together clean in single delivery after so many type of help provided by both women and men for delivery now woman they are at the verge of their ability may be that is why youngest is attracted to the opposite oldest.

For homosexuality or eunuch try to look into a trees that have two different leaves in a same tree  and verify all family of the species, especially those tress who have parasite and   those who grow from root and seed.

If philosophy is used in politics and power gain then consider also the trees related to their emblems.
When you visit your spiritual gurus also observe other beings in their surrounding and colors they use as your hints.

Knowledge was once used to own power eg: questions like what was first- hen or egg, plant or seed,  light or darkness.

If egg or seed then the questions is did the egg or seed eat anything from outside? Does hen sit over the egg or egg sit over hen? Do ability to move associated with egg or hen?  How do the egg came from that don’t sprout, if you still don’t understand do the math like take the weight of egg and take stick and beat the hen or take the weight of chicken and beat the egg or seed and see what survive.

In case of light and darkness, does the darkness be made darker or can darkness be reduced or increased.